"A new Terry Crews"

Strong Charismatic Presence, yet Comedy Powerhouse.

"Actors, do not show your versatility, it throws off casting directors who need to have a clear picture"
Oh wait, ... darn it!


- Physical presence and abilities.

- Unexpected comedic talent.

- Works exceptionally well with children.

- Flawless with accents and speaks four. 

A Lifetime of Acting

 I began my acting career as a teenager in Belgium and after college, I moved to Los Angeles. Whilst working on various project including many commercials, my physical abilities got me a good reputation as a Body Double with action movie A-Listers. 

Available for Projects

I act both theatrically and commercially. I am also available for voice over acting. Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills. Currently working on a documentary on

(310) 403 8954